Walk & Discover Birmingham

Have fun discovering Birmingham with two self-guided, heritage walks with an optional treasure hunt. Booklet of two walks available to buy or instantly download from www.curiousabout.co.uk

Find answers to clues and match pictures whilst reading stories about this fabulous city – resident or just visiting, you’re guaranteed to spot things you’ve never noticed before. The two walks can be enjoyed separately or joined together to form one longer walk – depending on available time and energy! Walks are suitable for all ages (detours to avoid steps are marked on the route map), and typically take 1-2 hours each to complete.

Birmingham grew rapidly as a result of the industrial revolution, and there’s still a lot of heavy industry in the city – but at its heart are some fabulous treasures to find. There’s a charming 18th century cathedral, a resplendent 19th century Council House overlooking the vibrant Victoria Square, a Hall of Memory, an international convention centre, a vital jewellery quarter, and a Georgian Square named after the lofty church in its leafy middle. The list goes on, but let’s finish by mentioning the canals, over 100 miles of them, restored and bustling with boats, people walking alongside, and people sitting and watching from the many restaurants and bars – it really is a city to explore and enjoy.
Take our fabulous walks of discovery, and have fun finding answers to clues which tell you more, whilst reading our stories about the most interesting facts.

Birmingham First Walk

Cathedral to Canals

From the charming 18th century cathedral explore the historic quarter of the city centre, before circling back to Victoria Square. Here the heart of the city beats with people scurrying around, or simply sitting amongst statues and fountains, surrounded by stylish buildings.
Onward now, past buildings old and new, down to Gas Street Basin – long boats, people, canals, and places to eat and drink!
(1.5 miles / 2.5 kms)

Birmingham Second Walk

Canals to Jewellery Quarter

The first half of this walk explores Birmingham, a city of canals. The initial canal is bordered by lively bars, pubs & restaurants – great places to sit outside and watch the busy world go by. Next a junction of three canals, before passing Cambrian Wharf.
Up now, into the Jewellery Quarter, before ending at St Paul’s Square – elegant, somewhere to sit peacefully, and lots more places to eat and drink!
(1.1 miles / 1.75 kms)

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