Things to Do in Birmingham – Ice Skating with Family

Ice skating is one of the fun activities that all members of the family can do. It is the perfect bonding activity for the whole family. It can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Even the grandparents can join in the fun. It is one of the fun things to do in Birmingham.

Not Just a Winter Thing

In the past, it used to be considered as a winter sport, but it can be enjoyed all throughout the year with all the indoor rinks across Birmingham. There’s no better way to cool down during summer than going to a chilly ice skating rink.

Outdoor Ice Skating Rink

And when the Christmas season comes, one of the best things to do in Birmingham is to head to the Ice Skate Birmingham on Broad Street next to the German market. The rink can accommodate more than 200 people at a time, and open from 10 am to 10 pm.

Ice skating at the outdoor rink is a great way for the family to bond during the holidays and for those that do not fancy it there is the Big Wheel.

Great Form of Exercise

Ice skating with the family is not only fun, it is also a great form of exercise. Recreational ice skating can consume more than 200 calories an hour, which makes it a good cardio workout. Ice skating is also a good way to keep your kids active during the cold winter days.

Your family can go to the outdoor skating on Broad Street and skate for an hour or two to burn those calories away, instead of just spending the time playing video games during their winter break from school.

Ice skating improves the circulation of the blood that will make you and your kids feel more energetic and alert. When combined with a healthy diet, it is also a good way to lose weight.

You Do Not Need To Buy Ice Skates?

The ice skates are rented in the price so you do not have to consider buying your own ice skates. This makes skating an activity that is relatively cheap and one of the regular things to do in Birmingham that will not break the bank with equipment costs.

Also with kids feet are still growing and hiring skates prevents buying shoes that they will quickly outgrow.

Kids Things to do in Birmingham

One of the things to do in Birmingham is to enrol your kids in a group lesson. You can also consider joining the group to keep your kids company. It is also a good way to refresh your skating knowledge. You and your family can enjoy skating together or you can sit and enjoy a drink while your kids have fun.

Add Skating to your list of things to do

As you can see, ice skating can bring lots of fun and quality time for the family. And during the Christmas season, be sure to include visiting the outdoor ice rink near the German Market in your things to do in Birmingham list.

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