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Planning recreational activities with the family can sometimes be a tough choice to make and this normally falls on mom.

Mom likes picnics where the whole family can sit together in one place and have sandwiches in the park and “talk”. The children like to play and have fun far from where mom is so that they don’t have to be bound by her rules, and then dads?

Really, what is the difference between the children and their dad? Jokes apart, the whole family hardly agrees to one activity.

Ice skating is one of the fun activities everyone can and will enjoy! Sure, mom won’t have the chance to sit in peace, but everyone likes to let loose and have fun every once in a while, isn’t that right?

Also the great health benefits of ice skating! Did you know that Recreational ice skating burns more than 250 CALORIES per hour.

Ice skating is the ultimate way to maximize your family’s aerobic workout. Ice-skating is a fun form of intense cardiovascular exercise which increases balance and builds muscle in your legs and core. Even if you aren’t planning to adopt ice-skating as a part of your winter fitness routine, a trip to the rink with your family is a great way to get outside and exercise while also having intense fun!

Our Ice Skating Rink that is outside on Broad Street at the German Market over Christmas is the ultimate fun place for your family and yourself! We even hold parties where everything you need is brought to you in one place – EAT, DRINK AND SKATE away!

The smiles on your children’s’ faces as the hurl around in uncontrollable excitement will be worth it. Also, it will provide for a memorable experience that’s going to make you want to come again and again. Ice skating with family translates to a great time spent with the family.

The cool and enjoyable environment adds to the fun, because everyone around you is also laughing and having fun!

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